Hi! I’m Harriett Falvey!

Welcome to my website, my online scrapbook of all my designs and proudest moments captured on film.

Including this one…

“Dressing a bride on her actual wedding day”

I am happy you are here – take a look thorough my galleries.

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Custom Made by Harriett Falvey

Real Bride Sophie wearing her Custom Harriett Falvey Wedding Dress and beaded cape Made in New Zealand





Real Bride Kyra wearing her Custom Harriett Falvey Wedding Dress and Veil Made in New Zealand

“I was lucky enough to design both my dresses with Harriet Falvey.

The process was amazing, we went through what I liked and talked about my personal style and style of the wedding, and she came back with sketches and ideas that I never could have imagined.

I felt amazing wearing dresses that were made for me, the fit was perfect.”

Hollow & Co Photography

Rachel had an image of her dream dress in her head, but couldn’t find anything in the shops that matched. Together we created a look that was exactly what she envisioned.

“I have tried my dress on three times since picking it up, because I love it and want to keep putting it on! x”

All part of the service ♡

Greg Campbell Photography

Kieran Bride Testimonial

Kieran described her dress as a “WORK OF ART”

“It was better than anything I could have imagined!!”

“Harriett! I loved every second of wearing my dress, we had the most incredible day. Thank you for making something so beautiful and so me”

Richard Skins Photography

Custom Bride Francesca wearing a custom luxury lace wedding dress and long bridal custom wedding veil

Francesca said one of her

“Favourite parts of her wedding, was designing her dress with me…”

Fran I miss you!
I love every detail! The dress the veil that arch!
Together we transformed two metres of lace into this! Wow right! Wedding perfection right here!

Check it out!!

Wild Souls Photography

Real Bride Sunita wearing her Custom Harriett Falvey Wedding Dress Made in New ZealandReal Bride Sunita wearing her Custom Harriett Falvey Wedding Dress Made in New Zealand

“An absolutely amazing dress that transformed before my eyes I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Im so glad you took this wedding dress project on for me.

Id have been lost without you”

Mala Photography



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